Operations Descriptions

– Responds to incidents involving fire, explosions, hazard materials, vehicle accidents with the purpose of protecting life and property as its primary goal.

The department has three emergency vehicles for this purpose – a pumper, a tender, and a wild land fire vehicle known as “brush rig”. Secondarily, there is a “pump trailer” as well. Fire equipment and personnel may be requested to provide assistance to other local fire districts through “mutual aid.”

Emergency Medial Services (EMS)
– Responds to incidents involved injury or illness to persons with in the district. The department has one vehicle in support of the function know as the “Medical Van.” Coordination of medical responses are made in conjunction with the Cook County Ambulance Service, which also responds to incidents and provides transportation to the North Shore Hospital when appropriate.

Strategic Traffic Operations Program (STOP)
– Responds to incidents where the management of vehicles; e.g. “traffic” along the highways within the district is necessary. STOP seeks to control and manage vehicles within the specific area of an emergency incident so as to prevent injury to persons and damage to property, and to establish a means to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles through the incident scene so long as necessary. STOP, may on occasions and when appropriate, provide assistances to adjacent districts through a “mutual aid” request.

Emergency Evacuation
The department has a responsibility to inform and notify people in the district whenever there is a significant threat requiring persons to vacate their residents due to impending wild land fire or hazardous materials release occurring within the district.