Training 10/27/2016

Training Officer Joe Peterson set up the training site

The Hovland VFD held a night time training: A Speedy Delivery truck had caught fire and the manifest showed the flammable materials on the truck. This training was held on North Road.

All departments were called and responded. Fire Trucks and STOP Team were sent since the report stated that the driver had left the scene to call the fire dept.  This training, lead by Training Officer Joe Peterson, was a review of the coordinated effort and needed skills to maintain readiness.

Kerry Leeds – S.T.O.P. Captain set up his team to control the road


Terry Spieker – Assistant Chief, checks STOP team control of the road.
Firefighter Jennifer Dowden starts pumper truck to spray foam on the delivery truck
Firefighter Treg Axtell sprays towards the delivery truck
Speedy delivery truck is contained and extinguished.
Training Officer, Joe Peterson, showed the firefights the contents of the delivery truck including the manifest showing the flammable materials that were on the truck.

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