Training 7/28/2016

Joe Peterson, Training Officer, reviewed set up of water tender fire truck to holding tank and pumping systems for the E18 fire truck. This process was repeated so each firefighter had a chance to operate and manage pumping water from the holding tank to the pumping system of the E18 fire truck.

fire 3
Neil Slaughter, Jennifer Dowden, Joe Peterson, Keck Melby. and Charlie LaBoda (not pictured)
set up of holding tank


hook up of E18 to holding tank


Filling holding tank from the water tinder truck
Joe Peterson explaining how the system works


Fire Chief Charlie LaBoda managing the water tender flow


















John Barton – Communications Director is working with Rowan Watkins from the Cook County IT department in adjusting and calibrating the frequency of all the radios of the Hovland fire trucks and hand held radios. This new system allows county wide communications and also taps in the the state wide system.


Rowan Watkins calibrating the frequency of E18 fire truck



John Barton – Communications Director is reviewing updates to the system with Rowan Watkins

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