Mutual Aid

Hovland responders work side-by-side with the Colvill Fire Department to cover our 2 large fire districts.

We often have joint training events, and June’s training had Hovland and Colvill fire fighters practicing at Horseshoe Bay – pumping water from the lake, drafting water between equipment, and testing the effectiveness of the water cannon.

Pumping the water out of Lake Superior

Colvill’s water cannon in action.

Drugs in Cook County

Hovland firefighters, EMS and STOP team gathered at Trinity Lutheran Church to hear about the drug problems that Cook County responders are dealing with. Deputy Leif Lunde related the most common drugs law enforcement is currently dealing with and the effects of being a port of entry county into Canada. He also discussed some of the health hazards to first responders who are called to scenes involving drugs.

Pastor Garey introduces Deputy Leif Lunde to the Hovland VFD responders.

Ready for Summer Rescues

Members of the STOP team trained with Hovland VFD’s new rescue equipment this week.

Used to carry victims out of remote locations, a stokes basket that is sturdy enough to be lifted by helicopter, but breaks down and fits into its own backpack for getting into the backcountry. Outfitted with a cushion and pillow makes for a comfy journey!

And a top-of-the-line new “mule”, which is a wheel and titanium frame that takes the strain off the responders. This one also has its own backpack!


Thanks to the generous donation of Hovland resident¬† John Peterson, our department was able to purchase Cascade Rescue’s TerraTamer rescue wheel. In exchange, he got the first ride during training!

It’s all about the toys!

Believe it or not, training can be fun! When the snow is flying, we continue our training indoors by creating and discussing possible accident scenarios within our district. Toy cars and trucks and miscellaneous hardware let us reenact possible roadside incidents.

Training 08/24/2017

Hovland and Coville Volunteer Fire Departments joined forces at Horse Shoe Bay. This exercise provides important synergy and cooperation in providing fire protection for the area.


Training 06/22/2017

The Fire Department has a new Water Tender.  Spent the evening hooking up WT to review operational setup and pumping.

A water tender, also known as a tanker in some regions, is a specialized firefighting apparatus designed for transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Water tenders are capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant.

HVFD honored Ben Petz


The Hovland Fire Dept honored Ben Petz for his 35 years of service. Fire Chief Charlie LaBoda presented a gift for his service and dedication.


This event was held at the Fire Hall during the annual strategic planning and evaluation meeting.  Fire Chief Charlie LaBoda said is was a good year for the Hovland Fire Dept.