Training 7/14/2016

Al Taenzer, Evacuation Program Director and Joe Peterson, Training Officer held an evacuation training tonight at the Hovland Fire Department building, The members broke into 5 teams and headed to the east of the fire dept and contacted a list of home owners who were instructed on the procedures and evacuation routes had this been a real emergency.

Member of the Evacuation Program Training tonight


Kerry Leeds showed Bob Salo evacuation signs.












Charles Faust welcomed Kerry Leads and Ken Ken Bjorklund to his home



roger Oppsm
Roger Opp and Patricia Hvidston


Roger and Margann Nebergall and grand daughter Madison thanks Team 5 for stopping by.

Training 6/23/16

Kerry Keeds held a S.T.O.P training on North road with the emphasizing a two lane event. The newest member, Bob Tamanaha was introduced to the S.T.O.P. team

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Joe Peterson, Training Officer, reviewed pumping systems for the E18 fire truck with Keck Melby,  Neil Slaughter, Treg Axtell, Charlie LaBoda and Terry Spieker.


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